The semester is almost over and my blog title puns are still bad… Anyways, here is an overview for those who didn’t get a clue.

In the beginning, Caleb created some assignments. These assignments were colorless and empty, and darkness covered the retina display screen. And the acne-face of Caleb hovered over the screen. Then Caleb said, “Let there be art,” and there was art. And Caleb saw that the art were good. Then he separated the graphics from the words. Caleb called the graphics “visuals” and the words “typography”. And evening passed and morning came, marking the first blog post.

Before the beginning of the semester, I had some grasp on the adobe products. For me, they are pretty similar, but with some slight differences.  I knew how to use photoshop well because I had been using that product since 2014 to edit my photographs. Croom slowly but surely introduced the main programs into the daily work as I gain knowledge and experience through hands on design.

The first week was more of an introduction and how the class was going to work. He introduced some exercises and showed us the creative process behind “Inside Out”. He then explained the creative process and we could use this process of gathering ideas in our everyday life. The Stanford D school put the creative process into a diagram expressing how the thinking process works. The order is: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and then Test. Each point had their own sub-points,  giving in-depth explanations. There was also a visual for the creative process which I felt on a mental level.

After the first week, that is when we started to dive into the content and creation part of the class. We started with InDesign. I hadn’t worked with Indesign that much, but I’m glad how he introduced it. We did a test project and learned the basic elements to an advertisement. We then learned the common traits and trends that were being applied to popular ads today and critiqued them. We used InDesign for a couple of projects until we moved on to another software.

We were then introduced to adobe illustrator. I had have used Illustrator before in my intro to adverting class during the previous semester. We had a major project and were put into groups. Fortunately for me, I was the one of the few that had already had some experience with  any adobe products, so I caught on to Illustrator relatively quickly. After we watch several Lynda videos, we were allowed to jump into our rebranding project. We got to select any restaurant on campus corner to rebrand. Oddly enough, I had Tea Café for lunch that day so that had to be a calling from the universe.

For the Tea Café project, it was expanded into a UI website design project as well. I personally did not use Illustrator that much because I felt more comfortable with photoshop. This was the first project that I was actually willing to work on outside of class. I continued to brainstorm and create designs until I found one that was fitting. I was satisfied with my work once I turned it in.

This semester in copy and layout has been noteworthy. I have added a few pieces to my portfolio and will more than likely keep them there for a while. I have learned a lot of useful information that I will actually be utilizing in my desired major. I want to create meaningful work. Work that won’t die when the next wave of trends come through. Timeless work is the essential aspect that every creator is looking for. I enjoyed integrating my photography into my creations and applying meaningful material to it. Croom shared several websites with us to help guide us on the creative journey. They really helped out with the drawing aspect of the campaigns.


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