Website Assignment, for my Campus Corner…Client!

We are currently making a website for the campus corner restaurant that we chose. My client is Tea Café and my rebranding proposal was “approved”  so now I get to design a website.

My aesthetic is very simple, clean and straight to the point. I want my designs to be pleasing to the eyes and that was the vision that I had for the rebranding process for Tea Café.

For the website, I want to keep the Light feeling that the logo has and use the general aesthetic for the restaurants theme. Tea Café is known for their peaceful atmosphere when comparing it to the rest of the restaurants on campus corner.

Also, I want to try to use “leaf” logo as a main aspect on the main page for the website.

This is my design so far. I am far from finished but this is just a general idea of how my clean design look.

This is not my first time designing a website. I helped my summer time job create a modern website. Here it is

Some websites that gave me inspiration are below:


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